Joshua Schoeman

C e r a m i c s                  D e s i g n e r                    M a k e r


Joshua Schoeman (b. 1997) is a British-Afrikaans designer maker who specialises in the material field of ceramics. Having completed A – Levels in Ceramics, Chemistry and Biology and an AQA Baccalaureate in Art and Psychology at St Edmunds School, Canterbury, Joshua chose to pursue his passion for clay and undertook a Ba (Hons) degree in Ceramics, Glass, Jewellery and Metalwork at the University of the Creative Arts, Farnham. Joshua has taken advantage of the resources and facilities of UCA to expand his understanding of ceramics, both contextually and practically. After experimenting with the processes of throwing,handbuilding, printing and mould making, Joshua has chosen to focus the final year

of his degree around free-form slab building, pressmoulding and chemical glaze development. These processes allow a freedom of making that Joshua enjoys, whilst also provide necessary constraints on form and functionality, creating tension within his ceramic vessels. Contextually, Joshua derives inspiration from collected artefacts of coastal refuse and research into the human impact on the environment. Tertiary concerns that bare weight in Joshua’s practise are the Principles of Sustainable Design, the Mediterranean Cult of Fertility and tribal African pottery. Joshua’s future goal is to establish a toxin and carbon neutral practise, ensuring an inert methodology of making.

J O S H U A   S C H O E M A N 


Joshua Schoeman

C e r a m i c s           D e s i g n e r            M a k e r

Championing Sustainable Design And Coastal Consevation



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